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Fake MX

The Service

We offer a free Fake MX service to allow you to add a very effective anti-spam method simply to your current mail setup.

Many SPAM mails are sent to the lowest priority mail server in the hope that you have less anti-spam systems in place to deal with the mails, others may randomly pick an MX server to send to. Legitimate mail is normally sent to the highest priority mail server that is online, if mail to this server fails lower priority servers are generally tried in order.

The idea is outlined on the SpamAssassin wiki under the section Fake Highest MX.

All mail attempts to our Fake MX servers will be temporary rejected with a "451 Try again later" message, so any legitimate mail should be retried on your higher priority mail servers when they are available.

How to use it

To use our service you need to make a simple change to your DNS and point the lowest priority mail server to the FakeMX pool of servers.

Simply add an MX entry in your DNS with a low priority (HIGH number) such as:    IN    MX    1000

NB you MUST make this number (1000 in the example above) HIGHER than any other current MX server you are utilizing.

To discuss your use of the Fake MX service please signup to our mailing list [NEW].

Terms of use

  • To use the service you must subscribe or regularly check the mailing list for updates where any policy changes will be announced.
  • You must list our fake MX server ONLY ONCE in your setup.
  • The service is provided without any warranty of any kind. 8086 Consultancy shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising from using the service or inability to gain access to or use the service.
  • You allow detailed statistics from fakemx traffic to be displayed on this site, used for advertising purposes and the creation of black lists.
  • If at any time this service is withdrawn you MUST remove the DNS entries promptly.
  • You MUST NOT point any CNAME records to any of our domains.
  • The service MAY be used as a sole MX record for a domain, if this is the case we reserve the right to reject mail with a 5xx error rather than a 4xx error. Beware we may return 5xx errors for a period of time after additional MX are added - if this is a problem please contact support should your MX entries change.
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